The new way to map
the information system

Finally a collaborative solution dedicated to operational staff who need to easily represent their assets, flows, data, to control risks, the impacts of an incident, a migration, while easily integrating into the ecosystem of the company and blablabla …
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  • It is a simple tool to understand and which, in my opinion, offers the most complete and accessible service on the market in terms of Business, Application, Infrastructure documentation or even data management under the GDPR.

    Thierry-Alain KERVELLA
    IS Director
  • Carto-SI was the solution that met our needs with a very responsive team behind it, it accompanied us during the data consolidation and loading on the tool in order to concretely model what our IS looked like.

    Vincent LEAL
    Omnichannel Project Manager
  • We are among Carto-SI’s first customers and have therefore been able to witness the evolution of the tool, feature by feature. The team’s approach and philosophy considerably facilitates the way of working and representing the information system, which becomes accessible to all types of profiles. Experts or not.

    Amy C.
    Finance project manager
  • The tool becomes a formidable vector of communication between the different members of an IT department (RSSI, Project manager, infrastructure engineers, support technicians, etc.) and allows much better anticipation of the risks linked to changes in the IS.

    Yannick CROQ
    IT project manager


with your data

Test the power of Carto-SI with your own data.
Enjoy all the features in real conditions.

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    upload your data in 1 click

    Carto-SI recovers your files and sends you the elements on its interface (csv, xml, xls). Don’t have any files? Do not panic. Start with a simple list of apps or test with our pre-loaded test set

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    immediate benefit!
    display the dynamic mapping of your IS

    Thanks to a simple, visual and secure interface, enjoy an exclusive experience:
    Finally, discover the dynamic operational mapping of your IS

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    invite your collaborators for a shared intelligence

    Invite all your colleagues to participate from the trial period.

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    it's time to play!
    no training required

    You are not alone. Our beloved support techs are super responsive.
    An intuitive interface for a quick start. You will be able to export all your work (png, csv).



of the IS and its


your records of
treatments and your
impact analyzes in
a few clicks


A simple interface and
visual, without training


Work together and
share the info


Manage your IS by
safe and


The update of the
IF never was
so simple

manage your compliance with ease

I have trouble representing my IS in a simple way

I do not have an up-to-date application and physical map

I do not control the data passing through my IS

My releases are sources of stress

The information is dispersed in the services and between the “knowledgeable”


I have a tool that makes my life easier

I am reassured about my GDPR compliance

I secure my projects because I control their impacts

I control all the information concerning my IS

I communicate easily within my organization

To try it is to adopt it

A simple setup and business model that allows you to grow in maturity in your representation and scale effectively over time.
The operational mapping of information systems for all sizes of companies.

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